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Ways We Fund Our Shelter

Doing Business With Humans for our Rescue Dogs

Some of Our Ventures

Maison Abeille

We have a bee business where we harvest honey, create candles, and make bath and body products. You can book a 1 hour experience through Airbnb under Le Château de Chien to learn how to start your own bees. We offer an entire line of essential oils for dogs and their humans to organically deal with ticks, fleas, gnats, flies, and more.

we sell essential oil blends for dogs and their humans

Paint-N-Paws 4 A Cause

Our craft business is where you can learn how to make a variety of goods. We have an Amazon Handmade sale site for products or buy directly from us.

Witch Balls



Le Château de Chien

We bought and renovated a farm to create our shelter. The entire upstairs is rented out through Airbnb.

One of many seating areas throughout the property

Mary's Closet

This is a space set up in the barn as a resale store for an assortment of goods, from garden stakes to jewelry, purses, clothes, and more.


The Greenhouse at Le Château de Chien

You may buy or trade the plants, herbs and flowers we grow.

We are Constantly Updating and Adding to our Products and Services

Embellishments by Mary

This is the title I gave to one of my latest ventures.  I love clothes. I love coordinating outfits with shoes, purses & scarves. But sometimes I myself do something that damages one piece of the ensemble. Do you have that favorite outfit that you accidentally spilled something on and you can’t get it out? How about that dress with a tear? Or maybe that tunic you got paint on? If you are like me, you have all of these things. And for some reason, I just can’t bear to throw anything away. Especially when it can be easily remedied. So bring it over to Le Château de Chien and together we will remedy the issue and you will have your favorite outfit back, looking better than ever, and now one of a kind

The Wellness Center at 

Le Château de Chien

The Wellness Center at Le Château de Chien was created to integrate several modalities of healing. 

We offer an immersive experience in Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Vibrational Frequencies Immersion Sound Baths, Energy Healing, Neuroplasticity and more. 

We also give clients additional tools to use on their own.


Maison Abeille Essentials

I have been practicing Aromatherapy for 40 years. I truly believe that this practice has kept me from becoming more ill or if ill from becoming worse than without it. This is something that I do daily. Not only for myself but also friends and the rescues that we have in residence at our 501c3 nonprofit, Petite Trésors Rescue & Sanctuary. Last summer I contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This is a serious illness from a tick bite. Many people come to our Airbnb to stay with their dogs and hike in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. I created a tick deterrent essential oil blend for dogs and their humans as well as a number of other pest repellent blends. Since we also keep bees. It is extremely important to me that pesticides not be used at our rescue farm. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. You can purchase our oil blends or schedule an Experience

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