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Mary's Autoimmune Support Group

We offer our common space to host group get together's for anyone who is dealing with chronic illness, for themselves, a child or caregiver in our home Le Château de Chien.

As someone who has dealt with progressing autoimmune Illness for over 50 years, I know only too well how devastating, all consuming and powerless it makes us feel.

It is for this reason that I am offering a Support Group for those who have no one to talk to, who feel alone, misunderstood, can't find answers. This is for those who need a safe space, where they can share their stories, without judgement, with others who not only understand, but also may have valuable information to share, and additionally will help people find where the answers they seek can be found.

It is also my hope that together, we ourselves, can form a support network, so that any of us that needs help will have a community they can always count on. 

The dates are suspended until the pandemic is over.

Support Group Dates For March

March Dates for 

Mary's Autoimmune Support Group Meetings



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