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Making A Witch Ball Saves Dogs

I started making Witch Balls as a gift to couples who stayed at our Airbnb to celebrate a special event. They are quite popular and I began selling them on Amazon Handmade. The balls are clear and can be filled with anything you can fit into the small opening at the top. Throughout the year I collect all manner of flowers, herbs, succulents, pine cones and needles along with the occasional feather or any other pretty and natural element I find here at Le Château de Chien. I dry theses in order to put them into the globe in the dried state. People who sign up for this class are welcome to walk the farm and collect their own choice of filling. They are provided with a paper bag to take home their fresh finds and dry them before completing their ball. These make excellent gifts. If you want to bring a special gift to a host who has invited you for dinner, fill them with herbs. They can also be opened in the spring and emptied into a pot to see what will grow. Classes will be held each Saturday from 2:00PM to 3:00 PM, The cost is $30/per person, reservations required, limited to 4 during pandemic.

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