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Embellished By Mary

Embellished By Mary was created because I was constantly ruining clothes with paint, tears, stains and more. But I loved the clothes and couldn't throw them away. Well as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. So I started taking the ruined clothes and began putting appliqués over the problems. Pretty soon I was painting my own patches as well as painting directly on the clothes.  Classes are offered Sundays from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM in creating beautiful one of a kind clothes out of clothes you already have or you are welcome to buy something from Mary's Closet. In addition, appliqués and hand painted patches will be available for purchase. The class is $30/per person per hour. If you have clothes you would like transformed but do not want to take the class, you are welcome to schedule a time to meet and I will transform the clothes for you at a cost of $30 per hour plus materials you may want to purchase from my inventory.

Embellished By Mary will Paint directly on clothes, as exhibited with the Sweatshirt in the 1st picture.

Or using Appliques as in the 2nd picture.

Pollyanna's Glag Rags will completely deconstruct any number of garments to create an entirely new garment as in the 3rd picture. The last picture shows an option of completely changing a jean jacket using several different methods, hand painted patches, completely deconstructed clothes, felting, appliqués and trim.

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