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We Strive to make a difference in the lives of the abused, handicapped and senior dogs

we can afford to accept.

Rocky, Rocky Roadster, Rock Star


We want to let you know that your presence is more than enough. You can always come to our dog shelter to visit, play, wash, and groom our furry friends. You can also just sit down and hold a dog for a while. If you want to stay overnight, we have king, queen, and double beds available through Airbnb. Your effort means a lot to us. We are so grateful for anyone who shares our mission. 

Beside listing the rescue, Petite Trésors Rescue & Sanctuary, our latest endeavor, The Wellness Center at Le Cháteau de Chien, is a healing space for Healing Touch Energy Work, Vibrational Frequencies Sound Healing, Meditation, Aromatherapy and more. We have a page for The Greenhouse at Le Château de Chien, where people can buy our plants and flowers or trade. We also offer gardening plots for a nominal donation. Paint-N-Paws 4 A Cause is an arts and crafts page where you can sign up for a number of different creative endeavors. Recently we had a grandmother book a class for herself, her son, his wife and their 3 children. The next day she sent a donation to the shelter and stated her grandchildren were still talking about it. Mary's Closet is where I sell all my clothes, shoes, jewelry and anything else people want to buy. We are constantly adding new things. After suffering unimaginably one year with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, I created a variety of essential oil blends for Dogs and Their Humans to deter ticks, flies, gnats, spiders and more. We are two seniors who just want to do good and leave the world a better place for the next generation. However, we can no longer do this without help. We are the sole caretakers of the rescue, farm, Airbnb all the Facebook pages and Airbnb Experiences. We need so much. I will happily go without medication for myself to pay other bills.

 Zorro & Enya

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We need volunteers who do everything. If you don't like dogs but do like to garden, we need you. If you like to do carpentry and have the time to volunteer there is enough work to keep busy for years. If you like to sew but have run out of projects our rescues are always shredding something. If you love to paint, we need it. We are not tech savvy, therefore if you are and would love to share your time, please give us a media presents. Are you an attorney that wants to do good? We are desperate for help. Do you have a skill such as upholstery? Would you like to give a class here? Are you a Potter? Would you give classes here? Are you bored or just want to sit and watch TV all day, but would also be happy to pet a dog while watching? Come on over. If you have read this far, we think you get the general idea, and just maybe have a skill or time or both we haven't mentioned. Please don't hesitate to reach out. Please look at Our Current Needs to see opportunities you can help with.

 Ted E. Bear

Our Flowers


100% of the proceeds from all of our ventures

directly goes to the 501c3 nonprofit shelter

Petite Trésors Rescue and Sanctuary 

It takes a Village to Change These Voiceless Abused Lives

 Please consider being a sponsor to cover the costs of one rescue for a year.

Each rescue needs veterinary care, food, grooming, cleaning up after, dental work and so much more. 


Cubby Bear & LillyBelle

Share Your Blessings for Our 

Furry Friends 

Our shelter is in need for funding to enhance the quality of life of abused, handicapped, and neglected dogs. We are knocking on your kind hearts to help us care for these angels so they can comfortably live the remainder of their lives in a loving environment.

Our Current Needs 

  • We need sponsors to finance dental procedures for 16 dogs.
  • We need their decks replaced because of rotting wood and wind damage.
  • We need a truck. We have a 21 year old Miata as our only vehicle. This isn't large enough to hold a bag of dog food.
  • You can help us simply by registering our 501c3 nonprofit, Petite Trésors Rescue & Sanctuary as the charity you want Amazon to donate to on Amazon Smile for all your Amazon purchases. Amazon will donate a portion of their money based on the purchases you make. This costs you nothing.
  • Volunteers who can sew, paint, garden, use their computer skills, fix the farms carpentry needs and  teach classes for a variety of arts and crafts
  • We need a volunteer attorney.
  • We need social media and welcome interns who need to work in specific fields to graduate.
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