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Support Our Rescue Shelter,One Dog

at a Time

Contact: 219-242-1036 


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Please help by offering your time


Can you sponsor one dog for a year? Please consider virtually adopting a precious fur baby by donating the cost of their food, vet bills and dental. You can pick your own virtual foster or let us help you decide.


You Are Part of the Change


We are a 501c3 Nonprofit for abused, handicapped and senior dogs. We purchased a farm in 2014 to have a home for our rescues where they could live with us as a family on the first floor. The second floor is rented out on Airbnb. At the time we were in a position to fund the enterprise ourselves and intended to host farm weddings at a future date to fund the shelter. 4 months after purchase, while renovations were ongoing, we moved to the farm. Shortly thereafter, I became disabled. Almost one year to the date later my husband lost his job as a SVP and CFO during the purge from a company buyout. When we tried to start the farm wedding enterprise the county said we would need a variance and the neighbors all voted against it. The farm we purchased had been vacant for 3 years, and yes, we did have it inspected. The ongoing undisclosed problems discovered during renovation cost us thousands of unanticipated dollars. We have done everything possible to keep going. We rent the entire upstairs on Airbnb, we host a number of Experiences through Airbnb and all our Facebook pages were created solely to fund the shelter. We have a new website and a Google Business page. We are two seniors who do nothing but work here at the farm 12 to 16 and more hours a day. We are desperate for help. 

I created a vlog on my 66th birthday in August of 2019 to document the year in a life of someone who has suffered with autoimmune issues to help others who are ill and cannot find a diagnosis or doctor who is familiar with what is happening to them. 

In addition, I have authored 2 books, one about creating our 501c3 nonprofit titled 100 Muddy Paws is included here on this website.

Our organization is looking for dedicated volunteers who can help us make a better future for handicapped, abused, and neglected throw-away dogs. We need people who can do sewing, carpentry, gardening, IT and more. If you want to do what you love and contribute your time, call us to schedule an appointment. 

We warmly welcome you in our shelter!


Contact Information

Petite Trésors Rescue & Sanctuary

1116 N 350 E

Chesterton, Indiana 46304

Phone: 219-242-1036 



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Please let us know if you wish to volunteer, set up a legacy donation or just visit.  All reservations for staying at Le Château de Chien must go through Airbnb. We are happy to customize any service or experience.

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